Parc National Des Volcanoes

Parc National Des Volcanoes is located in the Virunga Mountains on the border between Rwanda and the Congo. It consists of seven volcanic peaks, which reach a height of about 4000-4500 m. You can go to their peaks with a local guide. However, the main reason to visit this park are undoubtedly the mountain gorillas that live here. A visit to the park and a subsequent trek for gorillas is usually organized from the town of Ruhengeri, which serves as a base for most treks.

The park was reopened in 1999 and the maximum number of people who can go to the gorillas every day is 8, during the highest tourist season 9 people. In total, there are 10 gorilla groups in Volcanoes, which are so-called habituated and are therefore accustomed to human presence. Of course, other animals also live in the park, such as various species of monkeys, elephants and buffaloes.