Zanzibar is the collective name for more than 20 islands off the east African coast of Tanzania. The largest islands of Zanzibar are the southern island of Unguja (also called Zanzibar) and the northern island of Pemba. The main center of culture is Stone Town.

Zanzibar offers a rich nightlife. You can enjoy the beaches, history, culture or do various adrenaline sports.

Stone Town is the oldest place in Zanzibar City. Here you will find beautiful architecture, which is influenced not only by Arabs, but also by African, European and Indian. Stone Town is characterized by narrow papaya streets and houses that have a square floor plan with 2 to 3 floors. Probably the most famous architectural element of Stone Town are the wooden, carved doors. About 500 of the really old ones have been preserved. They were always the first to be built in the houses and symbolized the power and position of the owner of the house. The oldest doors have a square shape, the newer ones are inspired by India, in the upper part the doors are shaped into an arch. Koran fragments and natural ornaments are common design elements.

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The most visited monuments in the Stone City include the House of Miracles, the People's Palace, Dr. Livingston's House and the Arabian Fortress. There are also two cathedrals and countless mosques. You should not miss a visit to Sultan Barghash's harem. On each corner there are shops with gift items and souvenirs, which are usually handmade by local craftsmen. You can also find the streets of Zanzibar very well and cheaply. It is not for nothing that Zanzibar is nicknamed the Spice Island, so try the local food. You will not be disappointed!

In this city you can spend many hours and days wandering the fascinating labyrinth of narrow streets and small streets. Thanks to its unmistakable architecture, this city is also on the UNESCO list.

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